The Central Coast Regional Strategy NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure

Over the next 25 years the Central Coast is set to grow by around 4000 people per year. As such, and considering the improved outlook for water supply in the Region, the final Strategy allows for the need to accommodate a population increase of 100 000 over this time, with associated increases in housing and employment provision. Future reviews of the Strategy will continue to monitor the Region’s water supply and other issues that may impact on population forecasts. The final Central Coast Regional Strategy will ensure that this population growth is accommodated in a manner that preserves and enhances quality of life for the Region’s residents, while also protecting the natural environment.

In particular, the Strategy will limit expansion of the urban footprint by protecting land west of the F3 Freeway from further residential development, and improve employment self-containment by creating more opportunities for local jobs closer to home. The final Strategy also complements the revitalisation of the Gosford city centre, through the Cities Taskforce project, which has established Gosford as one of a network of six regional cities underpinning the State’s economic growth.

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