Telework is a new workforce participation model to drive productivity, the local economy and improve the environmental and social fabric of our community.

In the new ecology of the workplace, work is what you do, not where you go. Work can be done from anywhere that is digitally connected to suit the needs of employers, employees and the organisation’s customers. It can take several forms:

Telework on one or more days combined with days in the office, or telework on a permanent basis.

Working from your home office, connected to the main office on an agreed schedule, combined with working in the office on other days.

Working from a smart work hub, where telework facilities are combined with co-working and innovation accelerators for freelancers and start ups.

The Central Coast Telework Strategy 2014 – 2020 has been developed by a collaboration of the leading regional stakeholders under the leadership of private industry and with the support of Regional Development Australia Central Coast (RDACC).

The Central Coast Telework Strategy 2014 – 2020 aims to leverage the digital economy to foster a new workforce participation model to enable telework from the region to a distant employer. This will drive business productivity and workforce participation and improve the economic and social outcomes of the region.

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