Gosford Waterfront Position Statement

RDACC Board Resolution: 9 July 2014


Regional Development Australia Central Coast (RDACC) has welcomed recent Commonwealth and State Government announcements concerning the development of the Gosford Waterfront Precinct and Gosford City Council’s acceptance of a tender to build a proposed temporary dining precinct on the waterfront.

John Mouland, Chief Executive Officer of Regional Development Australia Central Coast said, “The Waterfront development is the catalyst project for the revitalisation of the Gosford City Centre and RDACC are pleased with recent moves to deliver a high quality mixed use commercial, residential, tourist accommodation and conference centre development within our region”.

“The Central Coast requires substantial regional investment and economic development over the next two decades to support an additional 100,000 people that will move to our region by 2031, and to deliver 45,000 required new jobs.

In February 2014, the NSW Government approved the rezoning of 9.9ha on Gosford’s waterfront by the Central Coast Regional Development Corporation (CCRDC), which will allow:

  • A combination of commercial, residential, hotel and conference facilities to stimulate commercial activity;
  • New regional community facilities (including a proposed Regional Performing Arts Centre and Conservatorium);
  • Public spaces and recreational areas and;
  • New waterside restaurants and retail facilities on an expanded Breakwater.

“The development of Gosford Waterfront is estimated to deliver 2,000 new jobs and this will be directly supported by the Commonwealth Government’s recent budget commitment that 600 Commonwealth jobs will be relocated to Gosford. In addition, ongoing construction works will provide ongoing local work for Central Coast tradespeople and businesses over the coming decade”.

“Although these landmark developments will take many years to complete, Gosford City Council decision to accept a tender from Mistlake Investment to build purpose built modules to deliver a new dining precinct on Gosford waterfront is providing the regional leadership that is required to ensure that the long-overdue revitalisation of the Gosford Waterfront continues to gain momentum”.

“The proposed development’s 27 purpose-built temporary building modules which is intended to provide 10 eateries, a dessert bar, a gallery/function centre space and a children’s playground, will allow Central Coast residents to enjoy these entertainment and dining facilities in their own region, without the need to travel long distances to Sydney or Newcastle. The development will immediately activate the waterfront, create over 100 jobs and will be an important ongoing driver for increased tourism and further investment for region.

“The recent Gosford Waterfront announcements are an exemplary example of how State, Federal and Local government are all working together for better outcomes for the Central Coast,” John Mouland said.

Further information regarding this significant regional project can be found at: Gosford Waterfront