Committees Tackle Coast’s Top Priorities


Under its 2022-2023 Business Plan, Regional Development Australia Central Coast (RDACC), has established three distinct committees to address our region’s top priorities: Regional Jobs and Skills, Regional Infrastructure and Development, and Regional Leadership and Collaboration.

Board members have nominated for each of the committees according to their backgrounds, working knowledge and individual skill sets.

RDACC Chair, Lawrie McKinna, says the committees have been established to help address identified gaps in the Coast’s economic development activities.

“The new RDA Charter highlights several priorities that align with the challenges we experience here on the Central Coast and the committees have been created in accordance with this,” says Mr McKinna.

“For example, our Jobs and Skills Committee will be looking at innovative ways to address critical worker shortages and our Infrastructure & Development Committee will be proactively working to unlock stalled developments across our region.

“Similarly, our Leadership and Collaboration Committee will be working with all three levels of government and other stakeholders to deliver solutions on the regionally significant issues that most impact our everyday lives.”

RDACC CEO and Director Regional Development, John Mouland, says the committees will be taking tangible actions to build on the achievements of RDACC and its partners to date.

“Creation of the committees will see concentrated efforts in areas of skill shortage, workforce development, jobs growth, transport and infrastructure, investment attraction and affordable housing, all of which have long been priorities for RDACC,” says Mr Mouland.

“Deliverables will include building on the achievements of the Food Innovation Initiative, working with developers to reduce local pain points, continuation of regional stakeholder roundtables and developer forums, as well as submissions and advocacy to attract funding for where we need it most.”

The RDACC Committees will be comprised of:

Regional Jobs and Skills
Matt Kelly (Chair)
Tamara Bucher
Ron Mussalli
Clare Keogh (skills based committee member)

Regional Infrastructure and Development
Chris Smith (Chair)
Mike Dowling
Stephen Glen
TBC (skills based committee member)

Regional Leadership and Collaboration
Lawrie McKinna (Chair)
Anna Cruckshank
Ian Lynch (skills based committee member)

The committees will hold their inaugural meetings in April 2023, with terms of reference being developed for each and endorsed by the RDACC Board.