Central Coast Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy Document

What is REDES?

The Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES) is a long-term strategy to promote sustainable economic development and jobs growth on the Central Coast.

It is a framework for collaboration to create the right environment for local jobs growth and a strong local economy.

The three levels of government, business and the education sector collaborate to deliver REDES.

REDES has 4 key strategy areas:

Economic Enablers for a Stronger Future

Regional Economy and Innovation

Future Skills and Education

Marketing the Central Coast as a Business Location

How is REDES implemented?

REDES is implemented through a rolling 18-month Action Plan.

RDA Central Coast provides a coordination role for REDES, with Strategy Implementation Groups (SIGs) collaborating to implement the Action Plan.

An Executive Group oversees REDES, chaired by the Minister for the Central Coast and including CEO of Central Coast Council and the Chair of RDA Central Coast.

Key Achievements

What's Next?

Building on the region’s strong sense of collaboration, REDES partners will deliver outcomes through an Action Plan that promotes:

  • A growing recognition of the Central Coast as a business location.
  • A continuing focus on job creation and skills development.
  • A strengthening of partnerships between business and education.
  • A continuing emphasis on innovation.
  • A prioritising of key infrastructure to enable economic growth for the region.
  • A growing role for our major urban centres.

Download the Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy to find out more.