2015 Draft Central Coast Regional Plan Position Statement

RDACC Board Resolution: 7 December 2015

On Wednesday 25 November 2015, The NSW Government released its Draft Central Coast Regional Plan. The Draft Central Coast Regional Plan (the Draft Plan) aims to accelerate housing supply, grow the regional economy and protect and enhance the natural environment and amenity of the region.

To achieve these outcomes, the Draft Plan outlines the strategic policy; planning and decision-making framework intended to guide the region’s sustainable growth over the next 20 years. It also outlines the government’s intention to integrate economic, social and environmental considerations in the interests of achieving ecologically sustainable development for the Central Coast Region.

The RDACC Board welcomes the release of the Draft Plan and the New South Wales Government’s approach in coordinating infrastructure delivery between state agencies to improve investor confidence and providing the right regulatory settings to ensure the Central Coast remains an attractive place to live, visit, invest and to do business.

With the recently announced merger of Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils and a number of large developments already beginning to take shape, the Draft Plan is an important step in the long-term revitalisation of the region as a major business and employment hub.

Although the Draft Plan does not directly address many of the infrastructure priorities outlined in the joint submission by Regional Development Australia Central Coast, Central Coast NSW Business Chamber, government and community stakeholders to the Rebuilding NSW consultation process, the RDACC Board is pleased that the continuation of the Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES) as highlighted as a critical success factor in the Draft Plan, will ensure that the identified infrastructure priorities will stay firmly on the regional agenda.

This list of infrastructure priorities was developed collaboratively with key Central Coast stakeholders and RDACC submission in response to the Draft Plan will urge the NSW Government to continue to engage with the Central Coast community through RDACC and other relevant regional organisations on an ongoing basis, as these priorities are delivered and new priorities are identified.

RDACC has a vital role to play in ensuring the future prosperity of the Region and generating the jobs and investment required to support our growing community. We look forward to continuing to partner with the NSW Government, the new Central Coast Council and all regional stakeholders to create the prosperous region that our Central Coast residents and businesses deserve.