RDACC appoints Director of Regional Development


Regional Development Australia Central Coast (RDACC) has reappointed Chief Executive Officer, John Mouland, into the newly-formed position of Director of Regional Development (DRD).

RDACC Chairman, Phil Walker, said Mr Mouland has demonstrated capabilities to drive economic and employment outcomes not only on behalf of RDACC, but also within the government and commercial sectors.

“Having fulfilled the role of CEO with the organisation for the past five years, John has demonstrated capabilities in delivering improved economic and employment outcomes for the Central Coast region,” Mr Walker said.

“His work to date on major initiatives including the Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES), Infrastructure Priority List and Central Coast Food Innovation Initiative have helped to grow employment and investment opportunities across a range of industries.

“John’s previous experience as a Senior Executive in local government and his top-level management roles in the private sector bring a breadth of knowledge and skill to this position that spans all facets of industry.”

The development of the DRD role has been informed by the RDA charter, following an assessment of the skills required to effectively support and guide RDA committees across Australia.

“John’s skills and knowledge in this arena will be invaluable as together we lead the newly appointed RDACC board to drive regional economic and employment growth, position the Central Coast as a prime investment destination and connect key stakeholders to develop local solutions to grow our regional economy,” Mr Walker added.

“John’s comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the local business and political environments, as well as his strong relationships both in the local community and at a state and national level, ensure he is an effective advocate for the positive development of the Central Coast.

“I look forward to continuing to work with him to find real solutions to ensure the long-term viability and prosperity of our entire community.”