Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a national network of Committees made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the economic development of their regions.

RDA Committees have an active and facilitative role in their communities with a clear focus on growing strong and confident regional economies that harness their competitive advantages, seize on economic opportunity and attract investment.

Collaborating with other RDA Committees, all levels of government, and the private sector, RDA Committees will:

  • Facilitate regional economic development outcomes, investment, local procurement and jobs.
  • Promote greater regional awareness of and engagement with Australian Government policies, grant programs and research. 
  • Improve Commonwealth regional policy making by providing intelligence and evidence-based advice to the Australian Government on regional development issues.
  • Co-ordinate the development of a strategic regional plan, or work with suitable regional plans that will align with the Commonwealth's regional priorities.

Regional Development Australia Central Coast 

RDA Central Coast is focused on developing the economic base of the region, seeking quality development opportunities, driving jobs growth, attracting business investment, identifying enabling infrastructure needs, and facilitating of whole of region stakeholder collaboration.

We proactively attract new businesses, support growth of existing businesses, attract government funding and market the Central Coast as an attractive region for investment.