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See the faces behind RDACC. Local people creating local opportunities.

Board Members

Lawrie McKinna


Having been appointed as Chair of RDACC in January 2021, Lawrie is a well-recognised and respected figure on the Central Coast.

During his tenure as Mayor of Gosford City, Lawrie worked with regional stakeholders to attract large-scale investment to the Central Coast, including a $72.5 million world-class medical training facility.

Tasked with attracting developers to the area, he also lowered the Section 94 Developers Contributions from 4% to 1%, which successfully augmented investment in the city.

Lawrie has further worked with RDACC to secure $18 million of additional funding for the university and hospital, and continues to work with key stakeholders and major businesses to bring other infrastructure and facilities to the Central Coast.

A man of many talents, Lawrie boasts a celebrated sporting career and has worked with numerous clubs both in Australia and overseas.

He is credited with establishing the region’s first A-League sporting team, the Central Coast Mariners, who he coached to two grand finals, as well as winning a minor premiership and pre-season cup.

A passionate and well-connected local resident, Lawrie’s skills, experience and unparalleled relationship building is key to RDACC’s success in representing the Central Coast and effectively guiding its future development.

Anna Cruckshank


An Accredited Specialist Business Lawyer with NSW Law Society and Accredited Company Director (GAICD), Anna has been practicing law for 28 years and is now the Managing Director at Aubrey Brown Lawyers.

In addition to being the Deputy Chair of RDA Central Coast, Anna is also the secretary of UDIA Central Coast and the Vice President of the Gosford/Erina Business Chamber. In these roles, she is responsible for advocating for the organisations she represents, as well as the wider community, across a range of issues. Her advocacy involves collaborating with various regional stakeholders, government and agency bodies including Central Coast Council, Greater Cities Commission, NSW Department of Planning, and Business NSW.

Born and raised on the Central Coast, Anna is passionate about the region and its residents. She is motivated to use her position and opportunities to improve infrastructure across the region and ensure ample funding opportunities are made available to the community to foster growth and improvement.

Anna is also passionate about addressing housing affordability on the Central Coast and actively supports implementation of the Regional Plan and Greater Cities Commission strategies to help address some of our most critical regional issues.

Stephen Glen


Comprising more than 20 years of senior management experience, Stephen’s career in local government demanded his ability to successfully lead complex cross-organisational and cross-government projects, as well as build solid relationship capabilities with internal and external clients.

In his role as General Manager with a number of NSW councils, Stephen also became adept at identifying and developing additional sources of revenue, appropriate methods of delivery, and strategies to enable the diversification of funding streams. He attributes the success of each outcome to effective stakeholder management.

Also a qualified Civil Engineer, Stephen’s involvement in delivering a range of major projects throughout his career has been supported by his skills in meeting deadlines and conforming to budget constraints, while achieving economic development outcomes.

His position on eight individual Boards, including the Hunter Region Business Hub, has allowed him to contribute to local and regional growth through mechanisms such as the Hunter Regional Plan, the Regional Economic Development Strategy, and local Economic Development Strategies.

Stephen has regularly represented councils and similar organisations, in liaison with local and state government, to address matters including the development and acceptance of regional plans.

Having lived and worked on the Central Coast for 35 years, his commitment to the region is unwavering and his active role in fostering its economic growth and prosperity is a testament to his dedication.

Mike Dowling


Throughout his notable career, Mike has contributed to growing and strengthening the Central Coast community through his work in a number of senior leadership, management and director positions.

Formerly a well-respected Director in Assets, Infrastructure and Business at both Wyong Shire Council and Central Coast Council, Mike’s experience in the property development sector also includes the management and growth of property portfolios spanning the retail, commercial, residential and industrial private and public sectors in Australia, South East Asia and the USA.

Mike has dedicated much of his professional life to the betterment of the Central Coast community, and in addition to his work with RDACC, he currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Central Coast Leagues Club, where he provides his experience and guidance to ensure the Club’s future strategic and financial sustainability.

Chris Smith


Chris is the sitting Deputy Chair of the Urban Development Institute of Australia – Central Coast Chapter, as well as a Senior Town Planner and Project Development Manager.

Chris boasts over 30 years of industry experience, including 15 years in local government, and is supported by numerous qualifications or studies in accounting, business management, real estate, land valuation, town planning and sustainability.

This training has allowed him to step beyond the traditional ‘town planning’ role and take on greater responsibility as a Development Manager; firstly with Landcom, and then in the private sector with Crighton Properties, as well as in his own self-employment.

Celebrated for his strong network of industry stakeholders, Chris has also worked directly with many of the Coast’s major land owners, including our local Aboriginal Land Council, to find innovative solutions to overcome substantial impediments to local land developments.

Ian Lynch


Ian is the CEO of Pacific Link Housing, the Central Coast’s Tier 1 community housing provider, where he oversees the management of over 1,400 social, affordable and market properties, as well as adding to the supply of new middle and low income rental housing stock through development, construction and advocacy.

Ian has been with Pacific Link Housing for around 7 years.

Ian holds a Degree in Business Management through the University of Newcastle, is CPA qualified, and has previously worked primarily in finance roles in organisations across Sydney, London and the Central Coast.

Sarah El-Moselhi


With a passion for delivering results, Sarah is a Communications and Media Executive who drives comprehensive media campaigns and strategic communications that align with industry developments.

Her expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of communications disciplines, including executive and corporate communications, with a focus on advocacy and stakeholder engagement to contribute significantly to regional development initiatives that foster economic growth within the community.

Sarah is also dedicated to forging pathways to sustainable business communications, highlighted by her pursuit of the Pathways to Net Zero for Business certification from the Australian College of Business Intelligence.

Her commitment to integrating sustainability into corporate communication ensures that her work not only drives business success but also contributes positively to environmental stewardship.

Having resided on the Central Coast for two decades, the seasoned journalist is also a Bureau Chief and Senior News and Sports Reporter, who is proficient at delivering narratives that capture the true essence of a story, to give the region a voice with value.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sarah is a lifelong learner, continuously seeking new challenges and opportunities. But at her core, she is an eternal Central Coast Mariners fan and supporter, and a proud advocate of the yellow and navy.

Karen Tucker


Karen has more than 20 years’ experience in both State and Local Government, where she held senior management roles, and has successfully led teams in Project Management, Strategic Planning, Recreation Planning and Open Space.

Karen's achievements demonstrate her ability to inspire innovation and drive participation, and she has a particular interest in striving to deliver the best outcomes for the Central Coast community.

Throughout her career, Karen has been involved in delivering a wide range of projects, from major through to small projects, that each provide significant community outcomes. She has also worked to deliver noteworthy strategic plans that meet community expectations and achieve economic outcomes.

Currently working in Tertiary Education at the University of Newcastle, Karen continues to provide leadership in supporting the reinvigoration of the University campuses following the impacts of COVID-19 on the education sector.

As a Central Coast resident since birth, and having worked the majority of her career on the Central Coast, her passion and commitment to the growth of region is resolute.

She has a particular focus on supporting continued growth in education, sustainable development, and supporting the local community organisations and businesses.

Karen has also dedicated much of her professional and personal life to the betterment of the local community, with particular focus on sport and recreation across the Central Coast. She has spent many years volunteering her personal time to support local sporting clubs through coaching and officiating.

Staff Members

John Mouland


John has formal qualifications in business administration and management and has over 20 years senior management experience including most recently, 10 years at Gosford City Council in the positions of Manager Customer Services & Communications, Manager Arts, Heritage & Culture and Council’s Executive Officer.

John has lived on the Central Coast for the past 18 years and has been actively involved with the local business, arts and sports communities.

Elizabeth Saltwell


Elizabeth joined RDACC at the inception in July 2009. Previously being with the State regional organisation, Business Central Coast.

She has over 20 years experience in administration and co-ordination roles with qualifications in management, administration and accounting.

Elizabeth has been a resident on the Central Coast for over 40 years.