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Health Care and Social Assistance 

Industry description:

The Health Care and Social Assistance businesses and organisations mainly engaged in providing human health care and social assistance such as Hospitals, Medical Services, Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Services, Allied Health Services, Residential Care Services including Aged and Disability Care, Social Assistance Services, Administration and Support services.

Industry trends: 

Version 3With the $568 million redevelopment of the Gosford and Wyong Hospitals there is potential for considerable growth and numerous opportunities for health, aged care and retirement industry operators on the Central Coast.

The Central Coast Medical School and Health and Medical Research Institute in Gosford will provide cutting-edge education and research facilities as a centrepiece of a new Health and Wellbeing Precinct to be developed at Gosford Hospital. The UON has also committed 30 of its existing medical places per year to the Medical School, a key catalyst for the initiative.

Major employers:

There are 357 General Practitioners (Doctors) working at 95 general practices across the Central Coast. 

Health & Social Assistance is the largest industry sector with the Central Coast Local Health District employing approximately 5,000 people in a range of roles and expertise. 

Central Coast Local Health District

Gosford Private Hospital

Brisbane Waters Private Hospital

Berkeley Vale Private Hospital

Central Coast Day Hospital


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Health Care and Social Assistance offers a diverse range of career opportunities and pathways across a number of health disciplines in both small and large health facilities across the Central Coast.

NSW Health Careers website provides excellent information on careers in the Health Care and Social assistance sector.

Retail Trade 

Industry description: 

Retail Trade includes businesses mainly engaged in the purchase and unsealing of goods to the general public including via the internet including:

  -  Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Retailing

  -  Fuel Retailing

  -  Food Retailing - Supermarket and Grocery Stores

  -  Furniture, Floor Coverings, Houseware and Textile Goods Retailing

  -  Electrical and Electronic Goods Retailing

  -  Hardware, Building and Garden Supplies Retailing

  -  Recreational Goods Retailing

  -  Clothing, Footwear and Personal Accessory Retailing

  -  Department Stores

  -  Pharmaceutical and Other Store-Based Retailing

  -  Non-Store Retailing

  -  Retail Commission-Based Buying and/or Selling

Industry trends:

Version 3Employment in Retail Trade continues to grow on the Central Coast mainly due to the population growth however the growth of online retail sales will provide opportunities and threats to the local market. 


Major employers:

There are approximately 1,434 retail business on the Central Coast including small bespoke retailers in rejuvenated town centres like Terrigal, East Gosford, Umina, Wyong and Long Jetty.

Major retail centres

Erina Fair Shopping Centre 

Westfield Tuggerah 

Tuggerah Homemaker Centre 

Primewest West Gosford  

Imperial Centre Gosford 

The Village Central Wyong 

Bateau Bay Square 

Deepwater Plaza Shopping Centre 

Lake Haven Shopping Centre

More information on the Central Coast retail sector can be found here


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Industry description:

The Construction Industry includes careers mainly engaged in the construction of buildings and other structures, additions, alterations, reconstruction, installation, and maintenance and repairs of buildings and other structures.

Businesses are also engaged in demolition or wrecking of buildings and other structures, clearing of building sites, blasting, test drilling, landfill, levelling, earthmoving, excavating, land drainage and other land preparation.

Industry trends:

Version 2The employment numbers in the construction industry have fallen slightly from 11,778 (2009/10) to 11,164 (2014/15); however the construction industry is set to boom on the Central Coast with many million worth of building approvals in the last financial year. To meet the projected housing demand over the next 20 years, an average of 2,070 new homes will need to be constructed each year. This is 590 more homes than the current average annual housing production.

Major employers:

ADW Johnson 

Bannister & Hunter Surveying 

Baxter Building 

Bolte Civil 

Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products 

Central Coast Surveyors 

Descas Landscapes Pty Ltd 

Eddy Consulting Engineers 

Edmonds Products Australia Pty Ltd 

Fleetwood Timbers 

Lindsay Dynan Consulting Engineers 

North Construction & Building Pty Ltd 

Northrop Consulting Engineers 

Parkwood Homes Pty Ltd 

Pluim Group 

Robson Civil Projects 

Seymour White Constructions 

Sharp Brothers Asphalt 

Stevens Construction 


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Education and Training

Industry description:

The Education and Training industry sector includes careers mainly engaged in the provision and support of education and training including:

  -  Preschool and School Education

  -  Tertiary Education

  -  Adult, Community and Other Education

  -  Educational Support Services

Industry trends:

Version 3

Employment numbers in the education and training sectors has increased significantly from 8,069 (2009/10) to 11,002 (2014/15). The employment growth in the Education and Training industry on the Central Coast is expected to be driven by population growth and the higher skill needs of the economy.

Major employers:

The NSW Central Coast has a number of significant education providers, including:

  -  University of Newcastle Central Coast campus

  -  Hunter TAFE has three Central Coast campuses – Ourimbah, Gosford and Wyong

  -  Central Coast Community College

  -  250 Preschools and Child Care Centres

  -  79 Public Schools

  -  31 Independent Schools

  -  4 Trade Training Schools


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Industry description:


The Manufacturing industry includes businesses mainly engaged in the physical or chemical transformation of materials, substances or components into new products (except agriculture and construction).

Businesses in the Manufacturing Division are often described as plants, factories or mills .

Types of manufacturing can include:

  -  Food Product

  -  Beverage & Tobacco Product 

  -  Textile, Leather, Clothing & Footwear 

  -  Wood Product 

  -  Pulp, Paper & Converted Paper Product 

  -  Printing (including the Reproduction of Recorded Media) 

  -  Petroleum & Coal Product 

  -  Basic Chemical & Chemical Product 

  -  Polymer Product & Rubber Product 

  -  Non-Metallic Mineral Product 

  -  Primary Metal & Metal Product

  -  Fabricated Metal Product 

  -  Transport Equipment 

  -  Machinery & Equipment

  -  Furniture & Other 


Industry trends:


Version 3The NSW Central Coast has attracted a strong, innovative manufacturing sector that has grown in the past 12 months against the national trend primarily due to the location, access to markets and the skilled workforce. 


More than 10,000 people work in the manufacturing industry on the Central Coast. After a downturn in the employment numbers between 2010 -12 the employment numbers in this sector continue to increase each year.

Modern manufacturing and advanced manufacturing is about innovation and it is very technologically intensive. 


Major employers:



Agrana Fruit Australia Pty Ltd 

Bidfeed Foodservice Central Coast 

Cleavers Organic Meats 

Colonial Foods 

Cordina Chickens 

Eastcoast Beverages Pty Ltd 

Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd 

Life Health Foods 

Love-em Pet Food 

Mars Food Australia 

McCain / Sarape 

Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing 



3S Lighting 

Baltimore Airfoil Australia 

Bambi Bedding

Borg Manufacturing Pty Ltd 

Chamberlain Australia 

Clearview Glass Group Pty Ltd 

Formit Portable Toilets 

Independent Portable Buildings Pty Ltd 

Open Shutters Pty Ltd 

Palmer Commercial Windows 

Protective Fencing 

Sulo MGB Australia Pty Ltd

The Kitchen Centre 

Trend Windows 



Archer Enterprises Pty Ltd 

Australian Bale Press 

Bioaction Pty Ltd 

Complete Campsite 

Delta Laboratories 

Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd 

Halley Mellowes Australasia 

Jubilee Spring Co Pty Ltd 

RR Taylor Pty. Ltd 

Scribal Group Pty Ltd 

TE Connectivity 

Thermit (Australia) Pty Ltd 



More information on the Central Coast Manufacturing sector can be found here. 


Central Coast Industry Connect is a not for profit organisation that is a passionate and active industry group formed through collaboration between NSW industry bodies and local manufacturing and engineering organisations.




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Accommodation and Food Services 

Industry description:

The Accommodation and Food Services industry includes businesses mainly engaged in providing short-term accommodation for visitors.and providing food and beverage services, such as the preparation and serving of meals and the serving of alcoholic beverages for consumption by customers, both on and off-site.

Accommodation and Food Services businesses include the following groups and sub-categories:

  -  Accommodation

  -  Food and Beverage Services

  -  Cafes, Restaurants and Takeaway Food Services

  -  Pubs, Taverns and Bars

  -  Clubs (Hospitality)

Industry trends:

Version 2

The tourism and hospitality sector is a major employer on the Central Coast however there has been a downturn in the employment in the Accommodation & Food Services industry from 9,160 (2009/10) to  8,497 (2014/15).

With the growth of the tourism sector and the emerging food industry this sector is expected to grow in the coming years. 

Major employers:

As a major NSW tourism destination the Central Coast has nearly 1,000 accommodation and food services suppliers, some of the larger employers include:

Mantra Ettalong Beach 

Pullman Magenta Shores 

Mercure Kooindah Water Golf & Spa Resort 

Crowne Plaza Terrigal 

Mingara Recreation Club 

Jimmy Gs


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Other Services 

Industry description:

The 'Other Services' industry sector includes a broad range of personal services; religious, civic, professional and other interest group services; selected repair and maintenance activities; and private households employing staff. Businesses are mainly engaged in providing a range of personal care services, such as hair, beauty and diet and weight management services; providing death care services; promoting or administering religious events or activities; or promoting and defending the interests of their members.

Also included are businesses engaged in repairing and/or maintaining equipment and machinery. 

Other Services includes the following groups and sub-categories:

  Repair and Maintenance

  -  Automotive Repair and Maintenance

  -  Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance

  -  Other Repair and Maintenance

Personal and Other Services

  -  Personal Care Services

  -  Funeral, Crematorium and Cemetery Services

  -  Other Personal Services

  -  Religious Services

  -  Civic, Professional and Other Interest Group Services

Industry trends:

Version 3The employment numbers in the repair and maintenance and personal services from 3,777 (2009/10) to 6,937 (2015/16). This sector continues to grow on the Central Coast due to the population growth.


Major employers:

There are just over 1,000 businesses providing repair and maintenance and personal services on the Central Coast. The majority of  these businesses employ less than 4 people. Some of the major employers include:

Booths Motor Group 

Brian Hilton Motor Group 

Central Coast Holden 

Central Coast Motor Group 

Worthington BMW


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Public Administration and Safety 

Industry description:

The Public Administration and Safety industry sector includes organisations mainly engaged in Federal, State or Local Government. Also included are units of military defence, government representation and international government organisations.

Public Administration

-  Federal (Australian) Government Administration

-  State Government Administration

-  Local Government Administration

-  Justice

-  Government Representation


Public Order, Safety and Regulatory Services

Industry trends:

Version 3Employment on the Central Coast in the Public  Administration and Safety sector has increased substantially from  3,688 (2009/10) to 6,172 (2014/15).

There are a wide variety of careers in this sector and employment opportunities are expected to continue to grow.

 Major employers:

Central Coast Council 

NSW Government


Ambulance paramedic


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 

Industry description:

The Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry sector includes businesses or organisations who provides services which include scientific research, architecture, engineering, computer systems design, law, accountancy, advertising, market research, management and other consultancy, veterinary science and professional photography.

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (Except Computer System Design and Related Services)

  -  Scientific Research Services

  -  Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services

  -  Legal and Accounting Services

  -  Advertising Services

  -  Market Research and Statistical Services

  -  Management and Related Consulting Services

  -  Veterinary Services

  -  Computer System Design and Related Services

Industry trends:

Version 3Employment numbers in the  Professional, Scientific and Technical Services continue to increase on the Central Coast from 4,837 (2009/10) to 5,760 (2014/15); this is in line with trends across Australia and the World. 


Major employers:

Bendigo Bank 

One Blink

Delta Laboratories


Lowes TC

Mirait Technologies Australia

Ramm Botanicals

Servers Australia

Slater Architects

Sprint Horticulture


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Administrative and Support Services 


Industry description:

The Administrative and Support Services industry sector includes businesses mainly engaged in performing routine support activities such as office administration; hiring and placing personnel for others; preparing documents; taking orders for clients by telephone; providing credit reporting or collecting services; and arranging travel and travel tours.

Businesses providing other types of support services are mainly engaged in activities such as building and other cleaning services; pest control services; gardening services; and packaging products for others

  -  Administrative Services

  -  Employment Services

  -  Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services

  -  Building Cleaning, Pest Control and gardening Support Services

Industry trends:

Version 3The Central Coast employment numbers in the Administrative and Support Services industry have increased from 3,688 (2009/10) to 4,515 (2014/15) this is in line with recent trends where people have moved more towards the outsourcing of such non-core activities. The businesses classified in this sector specialise in one or more of these activities and can, therefore, provide services to a variety of clients.

Major employers:

There are 870 registered Administrative and Support Services businesses on the Central Coast, 743 of these employ less than 4 people. 

Central Coast Domestic Services

A & A Spectrum Cleaners


For more information on potential occupations click here: 


Transport, Postal and Warehousing

Industry description:

The Transport, Postal and Warehousing industry sector businesses are mainly engaged in providing transportation of passengers and freight by road, rail, water or air. Other transportation activities such as postal services, pipeline transport and scenic and sightseeing transport are included in this division.

Businesses mainly engaged in providing goods warehousing and storage activities are also included as are businesses mainly engaged in providing support services for the transportation of passengers and freight. These activities include stevedoring services, harbour services, navigation services, airport operations and customs agency services.

  -  Road Freight & Passenger Transport

  -  Rail Freight & Passenger Transport

  -  Water Freight & Passenger Transport

  -  Air and Space Transport

  -  Scenic and Sightseeing Transport

  -  Postal and Courier Pick-up and Delivery Services

  -  Transport Support Services such as water or airport transfers

  -  Warehousing and Storage Services

Industry trends:

Version 2There are nearly 1,000 transport, postal or warehousing businesses on the Central Coast. Most of these businesses employ less than 4 people. 

The numbers employed have remained steady over the past few years due to the Central Coast location on the M1 and between Sydney and Newcastle. 

Major employers:

Adrians All Inclusive Transport 


Coastal Liner


Gosford Furniture Removals and Storage

Husqvarna Australia

McPhan Cranes and Transport

Toll Group


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Wholesale Trade 

Industry description:

The Wholesale Trade industry sector businesses are mainly engaged in the purchase and onselling goods, without significant transformation, to businesses. 

Wholesale Trade includes the following groups and sub-categories:

-  Basic Material Wholesaling 

-  Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling

-  Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesaling

-  Grocery, Liquor and Tobacco Product Wholesaling

-  Textile, Clothing and Footwear Wholesaling

-  Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Goods Wholesaling

-  Furniture, Floor Covering and Other Goods Wholesaling

-  Commission-Based Wholesaling

Industry trends:

blue-round-buttonleft-arrow-vector With the increase in internet sales and the automation of jobs there are less jobs in the wholesale businesses on the Central Coast. 

There are 689 wholesale businesses on the Central Coast most of which employ less than 4 people. 

Major employers:

Central Coast Motor Wholesale

Plateau Food Distributors


The Distributors 


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Financial and Insurance Services 

Industry description:

Financial and Insurance Services includes the following groups and sub-categories:

  -  Finance and Banking

  -  Insurance and Superannuation Funds

Industry trends:


With the use of internet banking there has been a reduction in the numbers of employees working in the Financial and Insurance Services sectors. However there has also been an increase in the number of this type of businesses. 

There are 1,600 Financial and Insurance businesses on the Central Coast with the majority employing less than four people. 

Major employers:

ANZ Bank 

Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency

Bank of Queensland


Bendigo Bank

Commonwealth Bank


Newcastle Permanent

NRMA Insurance

St George Bank

The Greater Bank

Westpac Bank


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services

Industry description:

The Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services industry sector businesses are mainly engaged in renting or hiring assets including:

  -  Motor Vehicle and Transport Equipment Rental and Hiring

  -  Farm Animal and Bloodstock Leasing

  -  Goods and Equipment Rental and Hiring

  -  Property Operators and Real Estate Services

Industry trends:

blue-round-buttonleft-arrow-vectorThe employment numbers on the Central Coast in the Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services sector has reduced from 2,414 (2009/10) to 1,860 (2014/15) mainly due to the increases use of computers and the internet. 


Major employers:

Allcott Hire

Central Coast Commercial

Central Coast Select

Coates Hire

Elders Real Estate

George Brand

Kennards Hire

Long Jetty Hire


Raine & Horne

Wiseberry Real Estate


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Arts and Recreation Services 

Industry description:

The Arts and Recreation Services includes organisations engaged in the preservation and exhibition of objects and sites of historical, cultural or educational interest; the production of original artistic works and/or participation in live performances, events, or exhibits intended for public viewing; and the operation of facilities or the provision of services that enable patrons to participate in sporting or recreational activities, or to pursue amusement interests including:

  -  Heritage and Museum Activities

  -  Parks and Gardens Operations

  -  Creative and Performing Arts Activities

  -  Sports and Recreation Activities

  -  Gambling Activities

Industry trends:

Version 2There was a slight reduction of people employed in the Arts and Recreation Services on the Central Coast from 1,484 (2009/10) to 1,339 (2014/15) with many of these jobs being part time employment. 

Many artists are self employed with only 340 businesses in the Arts and Recreation sector on the Central Coast.

Major employers:

Gosford Regional Gallery and Arts Centre

Ken Duncan Gallery

KAB Gallery

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Peninsula Leisure Centre


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing 

Industry description:

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing industry sector includes businesses mainly engaged in growing crops, raising animals, growing and harvesting timber, and harvesting fish and other animals from farms or their natural habitats including:

  -  Agriculture

  -  Nursery and Floriculture Production

  -  Mushroom and Vegetable Growing

  -  Fruit and Tree Nut Growing

  -  Sheep, Beef Cattle and Grain Farming

  -  Dairy Cattle Farming

  -  Poultry Farming

  -  Aquaculture

  -  Forestry and Logging

  -  Fishing

Industry trends:

Version 3Employment in the agricultural sector in both the Central Coast and in NSW as a whole declined between 2001 and 2015. There was a very rapid decline in employment between 2000/01 and 2005/06 (from 2039 to 803), but since then there has been a significant recovery in numbers (from 803 to 1,249) through to 2015.

From 2005/06 employment has grown consistently faster in the Central Coast than for NSW as a whole.

Major employers:

There are about 500 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing businesses on the Central Coast with the number of businesses reducing slightly as smaller farms are brought by bigger farms.

Ramm Botanicals

Lowes TC

S & P Dominello Flower Growers

Sprint Horticulture


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Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 

Industry description:

The Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services industry sector comprises businesses engaged in the provision of electricity; gas through mains systems; water; drainage; and sewage services. This sector also includes the collection, treatment and disposal of waste materials; remediation of contaminated materials (including land); and materials recovery activities.

Industry trends:

blue-round-buttonleft-arrow-vectorEmployment in the Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services industry has declined from 1,589 (2019/10) to 1,244 (2014/15). 


Major employers:

This is a very small employer, with only 85 businesses on the Central Coast.


Central Coast Energy


Origin Energy 


For more information on potential occupations click here: 

Information Media and Telecommunications 

Industry description:

The Information Media and Telecommunications sector includes:

  -  Publishing (except Internet and Music Publishing)

  -  Newspaper, Periodical, Book and Directory Publishing

  -  Software Publishing

  -  Motion Picture and Sound Recording Activities

  -  Motion Picture and Video Activities

  -  Sound Recording and Music Publishing

  -  Broadcasting (except Internet)

  -  Radio Broadcasting

  -  Television Broadcasting

  -  Internet Publishing and Broadcasting

  -  Telecommunications Services

  -  Internet Service Providers, Web Search Portals and Data Processing Services

  -  Data Processing, Web Hosting and Electronic Information Storage Services

  -  Library and Other Information Services

  -  Libraries and Archives

  -  Other Information Services

Industry trends:

Version 2There are only 1,186 (2014/15) people employed in the Information Media and Telecommunications sector on the Central Coast which is slightly down from 1,209 (2019/10).

This is a small specialised industry that has changed rapidly in recent years. 

Major employers:

ABC Radio

4B Media

Central Coast Express Advocate





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Industry description:

The Mining industry sector businesses mainly extract naturally occurring mineral solids, such as coal and ores; liquid minerals, such as crude petroleum; and gases, such as natural gas. Mining distinguishes two basic activities: mine operation and mining support activities including:

  -  Coal Mining

  -  Oil and Gas Extraction

  -  Metal Ore Mining

  -  Non-Metallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying

  -  Construction Material Mining

  -  Other Non-Metallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying

  -  Exploration and Other Mining Support Services

  -  Exploration

  -  Other Mining Support Services

Industry trends:

blue-round-buttonleft-arrow-vectorEmployment in the mining sector has declined across Australia including the Central Coast where there are only 447 (2014/15) people employed down from 691 (2009/10).

This is a very small employment sector on the Central Coast with many people in the mining sector working in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley. 

Major employers:

The Central Coast Plateau has traditionally been a source of sand for Sydney and the local construction industry.

Gosford Quarries



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