Regional Snapshot

The Central Coast’s economic strengths lie in its skilled workforce, proximity to Sydney, growing population, natural environment, and resources.

The region has an estimated 116,730 local jobs and this number is projected to increase by 24,674 jobs to 141,404 by 2036. Employment is concentrated in areas with infrastructure that has the capacity to support future growth, potentially above current projections.

Regional Strengths and Opportunities

Major public infrastructure investments

Improved road and rail access - Warnervale Town Centre

Highway Upgrades

Population Growth

Strategic Education Assets

Growth Corridors Significant Expansion

Advanced Food Manufacturing

Warehousing and Logistics

Affordable Employment Land

Geographic Location and Connectivity

Unique Natural Environment

Coordinated assessment and development of land owned by the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council will deliver long-term benefits for the region’s Aboriginal community.

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