Business Plan

RDA Central Coast has developed five key priority areas to address identified regional issues. These are:

  1. Creating new regional jobs and developing the workforce of tomorrow.
  2. Identifying critical investments needed to drive economic development in the region.
  3. Delivery of the Central Coast Food Innovation Initiative.
  4. Affordable Housing Summit and Regional Taskforce.
  5. Leadership of the Central Coast Key Stakeholder Group Initiative.

Download our 2022-23 Business Plan to find out how RDA Central Coast is committed to work collaboratively to deliver these regional priorities to make a positive difference for the Central Coast.


In the Beginning...

Several years ago, RDA Central Coast developed a number of Positioning Statements to reiterate our stance on important issues relevant to the Central Coast and our regional stakeholders.

The following statements were developed following consultation with all levels of government, business, industry and community members, who are represented by the RDA Central Coast Board Members.

October 2018: High Speed Rail

December 2015: Central Coast Regional Airport

December 2015: Central Coast Regional Plan - 2015 Draft

December 2015: Fit for the Future and Council Amalgamation

December 2015: Regional Infrastructure Priorities

September 2014: Rebuilding NSW Discussion Paper and the State Infrastructure Strategy

July 2014: Gosford Waterfront