Regional Infrastructure Investment

RDA Central Coast has coordinated unprecedented regional collaboration in the development of the Critical Infrastructure Priorities List.

To date, the List has attracted over $2B in essential infrastructure funding for the Central Coast through collaborative advocacy efforts from all regional stakeholders.

It is a dynamic document that is reviewed regularly to ensure that projects reflect changing regional priorities and opportunities.

Following approval of the 2022 Key Enabling Projects Prospectus in November 2022, 12 projects of significance have been identified as infrastructure funding priorities for the Central Coast over the next three to five years.

Situational Analysis

The population of the Central Coast is expected to grow by 70,000 to around 409,000 over the next 15 years. This substantial growth will require over 30,000 new jobs to be created.

To respond to this demand, RDA Central Coast coordinated the development of the agreed list of key enabling infrastructure needed on the Central Coast to create local jobs, drive further investment and assist in unlocking the full economic potential of our region.

The original Critical Infrastructure Priorities List was prepared and informed by ongoing collaboration between members of the Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES) Strategy Implementation Group including:

  • Regional Development Australia Central Coast
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • NSW Department of Industry
  • Central Coast Council
  • Central Coast Regional Development Corporation
  • NSW Business Chamber
  • Central Coast Tourism

The following criteria was utilised by members of the group to form the original 2015/16 List.

  1. The project can be delivered within 4 years (of funding approval).
  2. The project is achievable, ie. scope defined, cost established, planning approval in place or process.
  3. Project funding has not already been committed.
  4. Timing of infrastructure aligns with funding opportunities.
  5. The infrastructure must enable the delivery of additional and new regional benefit, i.e one investment delivers multiple outcomes.
  6. The request for funding must be at a realistic and achievable level.

The projects contained in the List lay a strong foundation for further growth and investment and will directly assist in generating required jobs within our region over the next decade.

Factsheets for each project can be downloaded by clicking the links below:






Download the full Critical Infrastructure Priorities List.