Regional Housing Affordability

Together with Pacific Link Housing, RDA Central Coast is leading a taskforce to investigate regional housing affordability on the Central Coast.

The taskforce will work to drive the five key recommendations by the NSW Government’s Regional Housing Taskforce including:

  1. Support measures to bring forward a supply of ‘development-ready’ land;
  2. Increase the availability of affordable and diverse housing;
  3. Provide more certainty about where, when and what types of homes will be built;
  4. Investigate planning levers to facilitate the delivery of housing that meet short-term needs; and
  5. Improve monitoring of housing and policy outcomes, and demand indicators.

Increasing housing affordability on the Central Coast helps to attract more skilled workers for our hospitals, universities and other skill shortage areas, as well as supporting first-home buyers to invest locally and help retain the skill and talent base of our younger generations.

Greater Regional Housing Affordability helps to achieve one of the four key objectives of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036.

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